Popular Android Applications You Should Avoid

top android apps you should avoid


Apps is everything about smartphones, they offer features that makes smart phones really useful for every day task. But some of these apps have become more or less harmful to the phone and the user experience.

Some of the apps you may find on this list may spark up a lot of controversies because they are apps users cant do without. But, we cant run away from the reality of malware’s, phone slowdown and the newest problem in the tech world ‘privacy’.

This hard not to find this app on user’s phone because it promises alot features they claim will help increase performance, But this app is capable killing your phone performance all by itself. It consumes too much CPU resources and forces the CPU to give it priority over other apps installed, the result is other apps on your phone hanging and struggling for CPU resources while clean master rides the waves. In addition to this is the annoying adds it pops up now and then. It promises junk and cache cleaning, which will only be created again as they are useful for the apps you have installed to make sure that it runs faster and smoother.

Just like every other battery save, most use up the same battery they claim to extend it. Just like clean master is offer more harm to performance and battery life. Interestingly, the app claims that it can “speed up your charging”, lol! How many of you believed that?

Somehow this developer pays a lot of Chinese OEMs to pre-install this keyboard on their phones. But, Touch pal shows ads on the keyboard, lockscreen and almost anywhere, this affects smooth user experience and hurts battery life. There are many free, ad-free and better keyboard alternatives out there, so if you get touch pad preinstalled of your phone yank it off.


This is one of the most used and installed browsers out there, it’s fast and realizable for downloads thanks to its ‘fast mode’ but it’s problem is privacy. UC browser send users search queries without encryption to Yahoo India and Google, a user’s IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address are sent without encryption to Umeng. Also, users geolocation data including longitude/latitude and street name without encryption to AMAP. For the sake of privacy this browser is a no no.

it’s obviously the most popular file manager in the android world but the free version is a nightmare. Its been pumped full of bloatware and adware, and it endlessly nags you to other apps via non-disable-able notification bar pop-ups.

There are alot of similar apps that negatively affect the performance and privacy of your phone, i wouldn’t be able to include them all on this list but you can be smart about apps installation. Google play store is still you safest bet for app installs also make sure you install from well-known and well trusted developers. And of course, if you notice suspicious activity after an app installation, delete it and its residual cache immediately.

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