Most popular Android PC Suites 2018

how to connect your android/ios phone to the laptop


Before the emerging of PC suites we had Nokia PC Suite which can be used to transfer music, photos and applications. It can also be used to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages or act as a modem to connect the computer to the Internet. A mobile phone can be connected by USB, Bluetooth, or infrared.

A PC suite is a windows based PC application especially for data transfer between your PC and Phone. It is used to backup photos, videos, important files, etc. It is even used to synchronize your Phone and PC calendars. Install many applications for your Phone. And you can even edit your contacts. Send text messages from PC


1.dr.fone – Transfer

dr.fone – Transfer is considered one of the best Android PC suites in the industry. As suggested by its name, the main feature of this tool is to transfer files between PC and Android phones as well as between two Android phones.

This tool, however, supports many phone management features, including viewing all files on your Android, bulk deleting files, bulk installing or uninstalling APKs from PC, and sending messages from PC, etc.

2. Droid Explorer

Off-course the name itself says it is Android manager for PC. And it is quite good in layout. Can’t say it has superb layout. well according to the features we can’t compare it with wondershare TunesGo ,it offers wireless file transfer and it doesnt the feature of screen mirroring which TunesGo has in it PC Suite.

3. Mobiledit

This is another famous PC suite software which offers many things like syncing your music pics etc. but this pc suite doesn’t offers as many things as TunesGo PC suite. Have a look at the things it offers.

4. AirDroid

Though Airdroid is another piece of software which offers things to access your files in your phone wirelessly from your pc. There are some features which TunesGo PC suite offers but Airdroid doesn’t.

5. MoboRobo

This PC is even one of the best PC suite for Android phone. But comparing TunesGo it isn’t . The reason behind is it offers huge amount of advertisement but TunesGo doesn’t show any kind of advertisement.


Please feel free to use the comment section to share your experience with these applications or suggest a better application,thanks.


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