How to format/upgrade a laptop to windows 10

Easy way to format a laptop 2018 using usb/cd rom


Windows 10 is the latest update for windows with much modifications and it replaces windows 7 ,windows 8,and windows 8.1 .

windows can either be formatted or upgraded(data on the hard drive is not lost but will be stored in a folder called “windows.old” in C:/ partition.

Now in order to format/upgrade your laptop we need to do download the following:

1. Rufus 3.0 / a cd

download rufus 3.0

2. windows software in ISO format

download windows 10


How to format laptop/upgrade to windows 10

1. Burn windows 10 iso file to usb using rufus 3.0

click on select button and navigate to the windows10.iso file you downloaded ,then click start..

2. After burning ,turn the laptop off and plug the usb…

Then press ON,click on the F9 to connect to boot menu “for HP laptops”

select usb hard disk and tap Enter..

3. the windows will load from the usb and you now select the drive or partition you want to install windows in,you either  format or upgrade the windows

N/B:when formatting all files are lost

4. windows starts intalling ,it takes about 20mins

N/B: windows needs to be drived after installation.


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