Android Applications used to Manage Audio

how to manage audio on android


most commonly refers to sound, as it is transmitted in signal form. It may also refer to

  • Audio signal, an electrical representation of sound
  • Audio frequency, a frequency in the audio spectrum
  • Digital audio, representation of sound in a form processed and/or stored by computers or other digital electronics
  • Audio, audible content (media) in audio production and publishing
  • Semantic audio, extraction of symbols or meaning from audio

audio manager would play music or help us tune the music on the device but they are more focused on the audio output of the device, basically, every audio the device produces. Audio manager is capable of modifying which includes alarm, ringtone and alert etc.
1. Audio Guru 

Easily set your volume levels with home screen volume control widgets. Manually apply volume presets straight from the widgets or schedule them for a time of day. Optionally also schedule your ringer, alerts and alarm default ringtones.

Audio Guru is the attractive and well featured audio manager for your phone volume levels and ringer modes.

★ Manage media, ringer, alert, system and alarm volume levels.
★ 4 Custom volume profiles (presets).
★ Rename and edit Profiles.
★ Configure your default ringtones for ringer, alerts and alarm.
★ Automatically set profiles depending on time of day.
★ Solid and translucent widget skins.
★ 4 home screen widget sizes available.
★ Scheduler to automatically apply your presets whenever you want.
★ Available in over 5 different languages

2. Easy Audio Manager

Audio Manager helps you to easy manage volume levels on your Android phone and change ringtones.

– Alarm level and ringtone
– Ringer level and ringtone
– Media sound level
– System sound level
– Notification level and ringtone


Audio Manager allows you to view and adjust all volumes available on your smartphone. Try AUDIO MANAGER MINI for additional features and ad free experience.

Now your favorite app can be launched with a press of smartphone’s volume buttons.

You can:
* Adjust Alarm, Media, Ringer, Alert (or Notification), System and Voice call volumes level.
* Configure your default ringtones for Alarm, Ringer and Alert volumes.
* Mute volume levels.
* Add widgets.
* And utilize default audio profiles and notification service.

4. Volume Pro

Volume Plus Pro is your favorite audio manager at any time, all in the Material Design style!!

– Volume Plus Pro Quick Adjustment: Set your preferences and create your customized profiles to be activated at any time with a click! All at your fingertips.
– Save Your Profiles: Your profiles are customizable. can in addition to also to change the ringer volume, notification. alarm and turn on or off Bluetooth! You can set different icons for each profile.

– Unlimited Profiles: Volume Plus Pro gives you everything for FREE! Creates and uses all the profiles created without limitations! Simple, Fast, FREE!

– Your Profiles: At any time you can see your profile, and can modify it as you want. Profiles allow you to change all the parameters mentioned in a single click!

– Quick Shortcuts: You can create shortcuts on the main screen of your device for each profile that you have created! Volume Pro allows you this for free!

– Notifications bar: Volume Plus Pro offers you the possibility to set your profiles directly from the notification bar with pop-up. Without leaving the app you’re watching! Useful to able change your profile on the fly!

– Customizations: Customize Volume Plus Pro by selecting the color you prefer! All in Material Design!

Important: This app does not increase in any way the max volume of the device.

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